Creatively Building

Life Skills

Watercolor Mugs
Owl Mask
Apple Coasters
Shark Stuffie
Sewing Kit
Red Felt Bag with Pocket


Opportunity to Fail

The ability to fail is a deeply undervalued skill. It allows people to be more flexible and learn how to problem solve. Failing at something small, like making mistakes with stitches or paper cutting, can build the confidence necessary to overcome (or see the opportunities in) larger failures.


Useful Life Skills

So many of us are so frustrated with our lack of basic life skills, like the ability to sew on a button or identify uncommon vegetables, that "adulting" has become a hashtag. Your patrons will learn some of those skills in my programs, and (even more valuable) they'll learn how to figure things out for themselves.


Creativity & Expression

Participants in my programs are given many more choices and less direction than in most programs (choice of color, materials, and even design in some cases), which gives them the opportunity to flex their imaginations and creativity. I show them how, and they figure out what.