Hi! I'm Abby. I'm a youth librarian and creative programmer, a shameless lover of children's and YA lit (especially graphic novels and fantasy), a technology wrangler, and an experiential omnivore. I'm a maker at heart, with dozens of interests ranging from the simplest forms of technology (bookbinding and hand-sewing) to the most modern and complex (3D printing and design). I love libraries because they always have lots of shiny new things and information about my latest interest, and I love working in libraries because there are always new programs, new patrons, new questions, and new ideas.

I've been working with children and teens since 2000, and working with them in libraries since 2013. In recent years, I've noticed a reluctance to play and experiment, and kids who are afraid of making mistakes or breaking things. My purpose is to empower youth to experiment and create on their own, by giving them some basic skills and a safe place to fail. I work to foster creativity and curiosity through libraries and library programming.


I live and work in Suffolk County on Long Island, and my home studio is more of a table next to the window in the front room of my home, with a cabinet beside it filled with yummy fabrics, papers, and supplies.

My work "studio" is wherever you are! I bring all the materials and supplies to you, and teach programs and classes in the space of your choice.