Quick Course List

Small Stitches Programs

Mobile Makers Programs


Learn how pop-up books work, then surprise your friends and amaze your family with your own unique pop up creation! 



Printed Canvas Bags

Play with your food without being scolded! Use fresh produce and paint to print an awesome patter on a canvas bag.




​Make a unique blank book to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. 

$155 for 7-12

$165 for 13-18


Artist Trading Cards
Make tiny art to trade with your friends and others, give as gifts, or keep for yourself!



Magazine Envelopes

Choose colorful magazine pages and make personalized envelopes to send letters to your family and friends.



Monster Bookmarks

Mark your pages with a scary (or cute!) monster bookmark.


Fabric Bookmarks

Keep your place in a book with a bright bookmark you can't miss!




Craft a unique stuffed animal for yourself or a friend.



Sewing Kit

Sew a pincushion and needle book, and make your own sewing kit to use at home.



Animal Masks

This Halloween, go as a fox, raccoon, or other animal of your imagination with a mask unlike any other!



Tote Bags

Stitch together a tote bag to carry all your things. Then show it off at school, at the beach, or at the library!



Sleep Masks

Shut out the light and dream deeply with a handmade sleep mask




Make a cool pillow for your bed or chair, then sit back and relax in style.



Finger Puppets

Make tiny animal finger puppets to act out all your stories.



Hand Warmers

The perfect gift, make rice-filled hand warmers to keep cozy in the cold!




Make a holiday bunting, bunting with your name on it, a seasonal bunting, or a birthday bunting. Buntings are for celebrating, so make one to celebrate something you love.


**I provide a discount of $25 off the second program to any library that books me for two programs back-to-back.